Getting my ducks in line

Welcome! Thank you for joining me on this momentous occasion! I’m really excited to launch my blog to share with you my journey as an aspiring author.

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My name is Cheri-Ann and I have a new life. I’m migrating from a traditional career in engineering to a new career as a writer.

For me, writing a book was the easy part. Figuring out what to do with it once it was written is an entirely different story. Just to give you some background … I’m one of those people that likes to get their ducks in line before making a move.

This means when I set my mind on something, I tend to learn as much as I can about it. I’ve always believed that the more information you have the better off you are. So, in January 2014, I took on the task of learning as much as I could about publishing or self-publishing my book. I jumped on the Internet to research anything and everything to do with this topic. I bought multiple how-to books. I listened to a variety of podcasts.

You know what happened? PANIC STRUCK!

It was information overload; I had no idea where to start. Do I get a book editor? Do I get a literary agent? How do I find an illustrator? Copyright or no copyright? Don’t get me wrong; you can find answers to all those questions and more, but there are differing opinions and no definitive road map. My typical M.O. is to have a road map laid out with all the interesting points and hiccups that may be encountered along the way.

The road map to publishing was just too vast with too many detours and side roads you could take. It was overwhelming! So, rather than push through and persevere, I decided to take a different approach.

The road less traveled

The road that I’m on now isn’t one that I have tried in the past. By nature, I like to analyze and gather facts to make the best informed decision. I wouldn’t even venture down a path without at least some idea of where I was going.

This time, however, I’m trying something new. I started by putting my intentions out to the universe. “I am a successful author and I have many published books.” I trusted and am continuing to trust that if I take baby steps towards the goal of being a published author, doors will open and the path to take will reveal itself as I walk it.

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Rather than lining up all the ducks, I’m choosing to swim with one duck at a time. By taking on just one element of publishing my book, I’m no longer feeling overwhelmed. I’m moving forward towards the goal and I’m staying flexible and open to things that come to me.

What will I be blogging about?

Through this blog, I plan to share:

  1. The things I am doing to publish my book.
  2. The things I am doing to establish myself as an author.
  3. How changing one’s life isn’t as daunting as it seems.
  4. Doors that open as I continue on this journey.
  5. Who I am – so you have the opportunity to know me as a person as well as a writer.

Join me on this journey

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If you too are an aspiring author or you have navigated the well-trodden path of publishing I would love to hear from you.

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14 thoughts on “Getting my ducks in line

  1. I wish you the best of luck on your jouney. The two books I have read are amazing and I can not wait to see what you are able to do! Hang in there keep swimming little duck!

  2. Cheri! What an inspiration you are! Congratulations on this new chapter and thank you for showing us what commitment, determination, and courage really look like! Excited to follow your journey! Ann

    • Ann, I’ve thought about you a lot as I have headed out on this journey. I’m doing my best to channel your chutzpah and energy! Cheri

  3. Kudos for diving in! I’m one that never waits for the ducks to line up. I need to lean that way a bit now and again.
    Excited to ride along on your journey, learn and see where you take it!

    • Thanks Chris. Taking things one step at a time and allowing things to unfold as they’re meant to has been a challenge. I must say though, that focusing on just one thing has been less stressful and more productive. So happy you’ve joined me on this journey!

  4. I love your website! And your honesty in your writing. I am happy to follow your journey to becoming a published author. It’s a path I’m wandering on myself. I gather you went to the Hay House Writer’s Workshop in San Francisco this past March. It was a great place to learn about the ins and outs of publishing. You are 100% right there is soooo much info available it’s confusing. Solo duck swimming is the way to go. Cheers on your launch!

    • Thanks Vicky! It’s an interesting and exciting path we are on. So glad to have someone on the same journey! Would love to hear how things are moving along with you. Best of luck on your journey!