When something annoys or frustrates you, change your perspective. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Divine Love Workshop on Maui

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Divine Love Workshop on Maui

A little over a week ago, the world lost a beautiful soul and an amazing human being. Author of numerous self-help books, an international motivational speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer touched so many lives in his time on this earth.

I am but one of many people around the world who has been moved and motivated by Dr. Dyer’s teachings. Like most people who followed him, I have read his books, watched his PBS specials and listened to his motivational CDs. I’ve also had the great fortune to attend one of his workshops in Maui.

In January 2014, my friend Jill and I attended a Dr. Dyer’s workshop, “Divine Love.” This is one of my most cherished experiences. The goal of the workshop was to help you ease the conflicting thoughts in your mind and wake up to the power of Divine Love. His goal was to teach us how to feel a connection to our highest self. The love, joy and spiritual energy produced during this workshop was almost palpable; and when I was in the middle of it all, I felt anything was possible. I came away from this experience feeling balanced and energized to walk down a different path to see where it may lead.

Changing your perspective

During this workshop, one of the things that Dr. Dyer focused on was changing your perspective.

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“When something annoys or frustrates you, change your perspective.”

He told us a story of how construction outside his Maui condo was so loud that it would hinder his peace and quiet while he worked. Initially, he found that aggravating. However, rather than let it continue to frustrate him, he thought about how he could change his perspective. So, rather than think of the construction noise as a source of annoyance, he chose to think of it as a symphony. He viewed the noise as music to serenade him through the day rather than banging and clattering to disrupt his work.

Instead of seeing only the negative aspect of something, he encouraged us to try to find the positive and hold that closer to our heart.

Life after the workshop

Fast forward to a year and a half after this workshop and I no longer feel as balanced nor as energized. Rereading the notes that I had taken during the workshop and remembering how serene and balanced I felt then, I realize that I have lost my bearings. Over the past year and half, I’ve accomplished a lot with regard to my writing; but rather than focusing on the positive, it seems that lately, I allow life events to annoy and frustrate me.

When people ask me what I’m doing, I tell them my day is filled with picking up dog poop, doling out dog meds, and going on dog walks. It feels all-consuming because I hardly get anything else done during the day. This makes me feel guilty, exasperated, and dispirited. It’s not the dogs’ fault … they need my care, want my love and adore my companionship. But rather than look at that in a loving way, I find myself getting increasingly irritated with the dogs and with life in general.

So, how do I change the perspective? Instead of being constantly irritated by the things I have to do for them, I need to be grateful that I get to spend time with 2 creatures that adore me. My babies won’t be here forever, so I need to cherish the time I do have with them. Give them my love and care, but also take what they offer me: love, affection, and a dopey smile every time I do something they love.

Yep, that’s most definitely a better perspective. 🙂

My husband and my friends keep telling me I need to cut myself some slack … maybe I should start listening to them. My purpose at this moment of my life is about the care of my dogs. Honestly, if I didn’t have the time or ability to do that, I would feel miserable and guilty and feel like a failure. Somehow, I think the powers that be know that. So they have blessed me with this time to care for my babies in the best way I can.

Continuing to guide us

Although I know Dr. Dyer will be continuing to share his wisdom and love from a different perspective, it is sad to know that there will be no more books, workshops, films, or PBS specials where his positive energy can shine through.

Thank you Dr. Dyer for continuing to guide my way even after you have left your corporal form. You will be greatly missed by all who have been touched by your love and wisdom and by those who have yet to discover your teachings.

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One thought on “When something annoys or frustrates you, change your perspective. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

  1. That was an awesome post! It was beautifully written and a wonderful reminder. And just think, if you hadn’t gone to the workshop, you may still have been working in high tech when your doggies needed you. Instead you were pursuing your dream which enabled you to be home.

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder. I’m going to go home and review my notes, although just reading your blog gave me ideas.